Saturday, August 4, 2012

A quick one ( Part One)

Hi. As it say on the title, just a quick post. Part one ? Probably there's gonna be another of this post in the near future. Let's cut to the chase. I did promise an Australia post but i'm tied up with Uni work - loads of them. I will try my best to post it as soon as possible because it may be a long one - a lot of pictures to be edited might I add. Life has been hectic, my life that is, dramas everywhere. Then again, I don't like talking about it. All in all, busy busy busy. Hope you guys are having a good day, ahead and now. Going out soon, hence the outfit post. Atleast I'm giving my best to post an OOTD on this blog. Gimme some cred for me please. Anyways, better get going. Bye guys ! See ya ! P/S - Shirt above is a current purchase bought from Australia, say yes to actual VINTAGE, YES GUYS, VINTAGE !

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hi ! How are you guys doing ? As some of you may know, I just came back from Brisbane. Went there with my bestfriend and came back here alone. It was such an awesome trip but I'm gonna skip the stories on another post. I'm here just to share some of the outfit I wore in Australia. I had fun wearing layers because you know how the weather is in Malaysia right ? Therefore, I took full advantage of the cold weather. Hope you guys like it. If not, well, you all have your reasons. I'm sorry that some of the pictures are not lookbook material but at least my bestfriend tried. Damn, I need a friend who can take pictures for me, anyone ? Probably i'll find one soon ! Okay, gotta go. See you guys soon. Brisbane post, yes ! See ya ! :D

Saturday, July 7, 2012

You can get away with that

Yessur, new post ! Whaddup ! Hi guys, how are you guys doing ? A week of non practical work has been for me. I forgot to tell you that I've done with my practical for this year, yes no more. Now, 2 more term of studying and I'm also done with diploma. Fast, you say - I have a friend now who's doing her Masters at the age of 22 and I'm only 19. What am I gonna do after diploma ? Probably, Degree immediately. I don't wanna waste such precious time and I really want to travel, which will happen if I finish studying everything what I wanna study. Work ? Yeah, been thinking about that topic. We'll see. I'm gonna blog it anyways. Oh, wondering about the OOTD ? I was just having fun playing with the pink pants I got from my Mom, since college is about to start soon, I guess I have more time to post more OOTDs. Fingers crossed....just hope for the best (I don't do that, just so you know) Oh next post would be something about work. I hope I'll be able to do it. Again, hoping. Anyways, gots to go. See you guys soon :D

Thursday, July 5, 2012

I just can't make a sound

Yeah, promised you guys for a new post yesterday, I think. To be honest, I did not spaced out nor I was busy. I was lazy. There you go - I feel free now ! Jokes aside, I was lazy actually, and showing this cute picture ( I think it's cute ) would show something, right ? I was planning to clean my room and decorate it at the same time but due to my know how it is. Probably this laziness is getting out of hand, I feel unproductive in just one week except for yesterday - Talking about it, I bake a cake yesterday AND I feel bad for not taking pictures and share it with you guys. Probably next time, I just hope so. That's about it, new blog post soon, I don't want to promise this time but SOON. *Chef's honor* Okay, too much ? See you guys ! :D